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Hey gorgeous! Yes, you the one with the green eyes. This is all about choosing the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes. We’re going to talk about eyeshadow colors and liners to make your emerald eyes pop. Although we know you can wear any eye makeup you like and absolutely rock. Knowing the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes will give you the most insight into how to enhance your best feature and stay one step ahead of all your friends.

Before we talk about the products, here’s a helpful tip: When choosing an eyeshadow palette to make your green eyes pop, include a little color theory. Shades of eye shadow for green eyes should preferably be shades that contrast with the iris based on chromatic theory.

What are some of these contrasting colors? Anything with a red undertone is fantastic for green eyes. Red eyeshadows, red purples like maroon or burgundy, brown with a red undertone, or rose gold are also great! If you want a dark look, black eye makeup is always a great choice for light eyes as the contrast makes them stand out. Add gold, yellows, warm browns, and neutral nudes to this list and you have endless eyeshadow options.

Eye makeup colors to dazzle along with the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes:

1. RED

Red is directly opposite green on the color wheel, so any eyeshadow palette with red undertones, such as maroon, coral-orange, or rose-red, will enhance green eyes. Rose gold is also a good choice as the slightly red undertone of this gold shade allows green eyes to sparkle. If you’re brave and bold, a flat red would be a lot of fun.

Try these red eye makeup palettes for green eyes:.

Stargazer eyeshadow- deep red

stargrazer best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

Stargazer Eye Shadow Deep Red is a great little shadow. It is deep pigmented powdered pressed eyeshadow that can be used on the lid for that deep dramatic look with some gold on the sides or even for a complete red-eye look. This product is easy to blend and builds very nicely on the eye and lights up any dull look with its amazing deep red color.

E.L.F Bite-sized-eyeshadow: Berry bad, Matt

Elf best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

e.l.f Bite-Size Eyeshadows, berry bad, matte and shimmer This ultra-pigmented 4-panel eyeshadow palette features cream and blendable powder formulas in a mix of matte and shimmer shades to achieve your perfect look. The color combination depends on whether you want to go shimmery or matte. Apply this sparkling glitter to the lid and see the true magic of this palette with your favorite eyeshadow brush. Finish with liner and mascara to achieve a remarkably pleasing look. This product is pocket friendly and luxurious at the same time.


Purple hues accentuate gold or yellow flecks on some green eyes. Using light purple eyeshadows, whether lavender or lilac, can create a unique yet subtle daytime look, while darker purples such as mauve, plum, or magenta are perfect for an evening look. Purple eyeshadows have naturally built-in red undertones, beautifully complementing green eyes. Consider sweeping the lower lash line with a dark shade of mauve for a more dramatic eye.

Try these purple eye palettes for green eyes:

Shany Masterpiece Eye shadow palette – You’re the starlet

shany best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

SHANY Masterpiece 28 Colors Eye shadow Palette/Refill – YOU’RE THE STARLET gives you 28 beautiful purple and blue shades. this palette is well pigmented with shimmer and matte shades. it has long-wear shadows with all the shades of blue and purple which makes it more exclusive for your green eye makeup collection.

Revlon color stay 530 Seductive

revlon best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

Revlon colorsstay 530 seductive is a blendable powder eyeshadow that glides on smoothly and delivers intense color for a fresh, beautiful eye makeup look Wear eyeshadow from morning to night. The composition of the long-lasting shadow lasts up to 16 hours. This 4-color eyeshadow is a complete set for your purple eye makeup to match your beautiful emerald eyes. this one gives a soft smooth look to the eyes, if you are looking for less dramatic you can use this one. if you want to go more intense with it, use its purple shimmer to add that pop to your eye makeup.


Matching blush and eyeshades are the amazing trends of 2022. The shade complements green eyes like a gem and comes in a wide variety of tones that look beautiful worn alone or blended.

Try this pinky palette for green eyes:

Maybelline the blushed nudes eyeshadow palette

Maybelline best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

Maybelline the Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette has 12-shade eyeshadow featuring dazzling colors infused with rose gold pigments, bold beiges, and brazen bronzes. the sultry rose gold pink makeup look can be achieved with this beautiful palette for your mesmerizing green eyes.

4- Copper or bronze

We generally associate copper tones as the most flattering for blue eyes, but they’re just as stunning as green shades. If your green eyes contain flecks of bronze or gold, a bronze, copper, or metallic gold shadow will make them pop. Light copper eyeshadow can be worn throughout the day for a natural look and transition to an evening look by adding a glimmer of gold eyeshadow to the upper lash line.

Try these copper/bronze/gold palettes for green eyes:

Revlon Colorstay 900 Original

Revlon best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

Revlon colorstay 900 original is a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette with a variety of finishes – shimmer, matte, satin, and metallic. The gold in it is perfect for the stunning look you’ve been waiting for in your beautiful green eyes. This palette is blendable, smooth, and silky when applied. it is more versatile for your daily wear or formal look. A must-have in your makeup collection.


Some of the green eyes have a slightly cooler tone, almost spinning towards the gray-blue realm. For these eyes, stick to a matte silver shade for daytime and add a shimmery silver layer, especially for an evening when the light catches those shiny metallics. You can also incorporate silver eyeshadow into your smoky eye look by mixing silver shades with dark gray and black eyeshadows.

Try these silver/charcoal palettes for green eyes:

Colorpop gray eyeshadow palette – blowin’ smoke

colorpop best eyeshadow pallet for green eyes

Colourpop gray Eyeshadow Palette BLOWIN’ SMOKE is a palette with the entire main sliver, grey, and charcoal matte cool tones. The pigmentation is very amazing and the texture of this palette is very soft in use. it is a complete palette for an eye makeup look. This slate-silver with some shimmer will make your green eyes pop beautifully in a night makeup look sparkling like a star in the dark night. If you are looking for something for silver this is a must-have palette then.

Having a unique eye color doesn’t mean limiting your option. We are here to provide you with the best in every term. Now with help of this list, you can get your hands on any of these palettes to make those beautiful emerald eye looks amazing at any event. The product list given is for the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes. To make things a little easier for you

You can find options for any eye color’s complementing palette and eye makeup looks here to slay every day.