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The A – Z Guide To The Best Rosacea Makeup

Rosacea is a common skin condition. Therefore, you should know that you are not alone. Sometimes you may think that you do not have rosacea, but only very sensitive skin. Today we’re going to dig in a little bit deeper and talk about the different kinds of rosacea and what would be the best rosacea makeup for you if you think you have it.

What Is Rosacea And Do You Have It?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that a lot of people associate with redness on the face. It can present itself in many different ways. There are four major symptoms and you can have any variation of them.

  1. Trigger-based flushing.
  2. Hot or spicy food, red wine,
  3. Changes in emotion, changes of temperature,
  4.  Hormonal flushing,

Your face may get a little pink in the cheeks. And then the flushing goes back down. Textural changes on the skin, acne bumps, enlarged pores, dryness, easily irritated skin are also symptoms of rosacea. You may see broken capillaries in the skin that leave the skin looking a little bit pink and red. At times it may look like you’ve been sunburned or have some blush on your cheeks.

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Makeup struggles of people with Rosacea

People with Rosacea often suffer from uneven skin texture. As a result, the foundation does not go on smoothly on their face. Often the foundation sinks in the pores and makes them look enlarged. Incorrect use of foundation on Rosacea skin can result in the skin unevenness becoming more apparent.

The biggest symptom of Rosacea is redness which can be tricky to conceal. Even after layering foundation and concealers, the redness tends to peak through. Because of this reason, most people with Rosacea tend to stay away from red lipsticks or blush.

Rosacea in redness-prone people is often triggered by irritants and harsh products. A lot of makeup that we use has products that our skin would not like. Therefore, Rosacea patients have to be very careful when selecting makeup products to buy.

The Best Rosacea Makeup Routine Step By Step

Step 1: Apply Suncreen

best rosacea makeup
Topless Man With Sun Drawn With Sunscreen On His Back

Applying sunscreen every day is essential for everyone irrespective of their skin type. UV rays from the sun will significantly worsen the skin of someone suffering from Rosacea by making it more red, uneven, and painful. I would recommend someone with Rosacea to use a sunscreen with the broadest spectrum and mild nonirritating ingredients.

Best Sunscreen Recommendations For Rosacea

La Roche-Posay Melt-In Sunscreen SPF 100

La Roche-Posay is known to be one of the most gentle skin care lines for people with problematic skin.

This SPF 100 sunscreen is recommended for people with Rosacea as it is fragrance-free and has a broad UV spectrum.

Aveeno Possitively Mineal SPF 50 Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

The perfect brand for a budget-friendly skincare routine is Aveeno.

This SPF 50 sunscreen is made from oats which are gentle on sensitive redness-prone skin. This sunscreen is also free from all fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and dyes

Step 2: Color Correcting Primer

best rosacea makeup

For people suffering from Rosacea, a primer is a make-or-break step in their makeup routine. Most of the popular primers out there have drying ingredients to minimize pores which can make one’s rosacea flare-up. Using a hydrating primer with some color corrector is a great option for irritated skin. A green tint in the formula will cancel out most of the redness while smoothing the irregularities on the skin.

Since Rosacea skin is very sensitive to touch, do not rub the product using fingers or circular motion. The primer should be applier with a flat foundation brush in small stokes and given some time to be absorbed.

Best Color Correcting Primer Recommendations For Rosacea

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Serum

This product is a holy grail for people suffering from Rosacea. Designed especially for people with sensitive redness-prone skin.

It is a lightweight serum that will smooth out pores and help you even your skin tone instantly.

AGE 20 Brightening Green Tone Up Hydrating Essence

This is one of the best-selling products from the Korean skincare line: AGE 20.

Made up of 70% hydrating essence, this primer will help your skin calm down and be hydrated for the makeup application to come.

Step 3: Foundation

best rosacea makeup

It is important to use a foundation that is free from irritants on Rosacea-prone skin. While applying foundation it is recommended to never use harsh circular motions. Instead, use a damp beauty blender to dab the foundation on the skin. Remember to cover your neck and ears to make sure that the complexion looks even. It is also ideal to use liquid-based products as they can be applied more gently than cream products.

Best Foundation Recommendations For Rosacea

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Silk Foundation

This cruelty-free, fluid, weightless foundation is a good choice for people with Rosacea.

It Improves the appearance of skin tone and texture. Furthermore, it is a cruelty-free product.

Dermablend Foundation for Dry Skin

Sold by the world’s #1 Dermatologist recommended brand: Dermablend, this is a great medium coverage foundation for people with Rosacea.

It is a hypoallergenic foundation that comes in a huge variety of shades.

Step 4: Concealer

best rosacea makeup

By following the above steps. anyone with a moderate Rosacea should have their redness hidden. However, if your Rosacea is more aggressive on a particular day it would be a good idea to target cancel the redness at this step. Similar to foundation, it is recommended to use a liquid concealer so that the Rosacea does not get more irritated during application.

Best Concealer Recommendations For Rosacea

Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer

Stay Naked Correcting Full Coverage Concealer is a buildable coverage concealer that corrects hyperpigmentation, hides dark circles, and masks blemishes with a real skin, matte finish for up to 24 hours.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Liquid Concealer

Maybelline’s Super Stay Active Wear Concealer delivers up to 30-hour wear and full coverage, This long-lasting concealer wipes out dark circles and imperfections, giving you a comfortable, natural look.

 Available in 25 vegan, cruelty-free shades with nine shade intensities, three master-tones, and five undertones.

Step 5: Blush

best rosacea makeup

People with Rosacea often set clear of blush as it seems counterproductive to add redness to the skin after so many steps of canceling it. However, a peach-colored blush can help you enhance your face structure, cancel out any of the grey/green that might peek out as a result of the color correction.

Best Blush Recommendations For Rosacea

COVERGIRL High Pigment Blush- Love me

This high pigment bold peach-colored blush is made with skin-smoothing ingredients. It is a great choice of color to add back some warmth to your cheeks.

Benefit Cosmetics Blush- Georgia

Dust this peaches and cream powder lightly all over your complexion then brush on the apples of your cheeks for a warm, happy glow

Step 6: Powder

After all of the layers of makeup application, it is very important to set the products using a powder so that they do not crease. Loose powders can be dried for people with already dry irritated skin. It is a good idea to use a powder cake so that you will have more control over the amount of product you are putting. It is advisable to use as little powder as possible.

best rosacea makeup

Best Powder Recommendations For Rosacea

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

This finely-milled, weightless powder is formulated with soft-focus light-reflecting particles to instantly blur imperfections and minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for effortlessly smooth skin.

 Hourglass products are formulated without harmful ingredients including but not limited to parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, fragrance, and nanoparticles. Vegan-friendly and not tested on animals, Hourglass is a proud cruelty-free brand.

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder

An award-winning finishing powder that is ultra-blurring and light-diffusing to create unfiltered perfection for all skin tones, in every light.

What are your struggles with makeup as a person suffering from Rosacea? Please share in the comments. I would love to know about them and recommend more relevant products that can help you in your everyday makeup challenges.

Thank you for reading my blog. May you have a lovely day!