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Best Face Washes For Hormonal Acne According To Dermatologists

Acne is a ubiquitous skin problem that most people start to face from a young age. Hormonal acne is different from traditional acne because it appears in adulthood. Most of the time, women with high levels of androgens such as testosterone experience symptoms of hormonal acne. According to the New York Post, a survey found that nearly 47% of women experienced the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. The first step to getting rid of hormonal acne is finding an appropriate face wash or cleanser. In this article, I will discuss what are some of the best face washes for hormonal acne.

Tip: Read more about hormonal acne and its symptoms.

Ingredients That Combat Hormonal Acne

The causes of hormonal acne most of the time lie inside one’s body. However, using appropriate skincare reduces it significantly. Therefore, The best face washes for hormonal acne should have at least one of the following ingredients:

1. Salicylic acid

A beta-hydroxy acid occurs as a natural compound in plants. Due to its due to its ability to promote exfoliation, Salicylic acid works as an anti-inflammatory agent along with acting as a topical antibacterial agent.

2. Benzoyl peroxide

A well-known ingredient for fighting acne. It is widely available in over-the-counter (OTC) gels, cleansers, and spot treatments. Moreover, This ingredient comes in different concentrations in different products for mild to moderate breakouts.

3. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

These acids are most commonly used for problematic skin conditions such as dry skin, aging, or acne.

4. Tea Tree Oil

An essential oil that works by decreasing inflammation that contributes to acne. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties allow it to be used as a spot treatment or the primary ingredient in skincare products.

5. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel contains a chemical called tannins. When applied directly to the skin, tannins help reduce swelling. It also helps repair broken skin, and fight bacteria.

Best Face Washes For Hormonal Acne

Using face washes two times a day in the am and pm, that contain the above-mentioned products will help reduce hormonal cysts, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

best face washes for hormonal acne
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

The body shop is a clean, cruelty-free, sustainability-promoting brand with a diverse yet simple skincare line. The tea tree line targets people with blemishes and oily acne-prone skin. This cleanser is infused with Community Trade tea tree oil which helps remove impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling purified. However, It does not strip the skin from essential oils nor does it harm the skin barrier. It is safe to be used by people with sensitive skin.

2. Neutrogena Salicylic Acid Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

grapefruit face wash neutrogena

Neutrogena Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Pink Grapefruit Pore Cleansing Acne Wash and Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C

The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser helps you get clearer skin in 1 week. This face wash gets deep down into pores removing oil while leaving skin feeling fresh. It comes with Micro-Clear technology and maximum strength salicylic acid. This face wash fights breakouts, blackheads, and even acne marks. It is formulated with naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C. It contains 2% Salicylic acid, people with more tolerant skin should use it.

3. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser

Popular for being one of the most considerate skincare lines, La Roche-Posay is a top dermatologist-recommended brand. This purifying foaming gel cleanser gently cleans impurities and reduces excess oil. The face wash is formulated with Zinc Pidolate to purify skin and help remove excess oil.

4. CeraVe Acne Treatment Face Wash with Benzoyl Peroxide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide

best face washes for hormonal acne
CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

Developed with dermatologist’s recommendations, the CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser contains 4% Benzoyl Peroxide. This ingredient helps to get rid of acne and prevents new flare-ups from forming. This acne face wash cleanses the skin, treats active breakouts, and maintains the skin’s barrier. Its unique formula transforms its texture from being dispensed as cream and lathering into a rich foam.

5. PanOxyl Foaming Acne Wash Maximum Strength

best face washes for hormonal acne
PanOxyl Foaming Acne Wash Maximum Strength

This hormonal acne-fighting face wash contains 10% benzoyl peroxide. It cleans pores killing the bacteria that cause acne. It has the highest strength of benzoyl peroxide is available without a prescription. This face wash gently removes dirt and excess oil to cleanse and unclog pores. These things make it an excellent choice for the management of acne on the face, chest, and back.

Do you suffer from hormonal acne and what do you do to help combat it? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!