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Can You Put Essential Oils In the Bathtub?

Using essential oils is a fantastic way to shift your energy and upshift your emotions. The safest use of essential oils is aromatherapy. You can add essential oils to your diffuser to your bath. But, can you use essential oils in the bath? The answer is YES, you can. However, due to their hydrophobic nature, incorrect use of essential oils in the bathtub will do you more harm than good. Another safe way to take a therapeutic bath is using bath oils.

What is the harm if you directly put essential oils in the bathtub

Essential oils and water does not mix. They are very hydrophobic and do not like water at all. Essential oils will sit on the water and never completely mix with it. This situation can be pretty harmful if you are in a bath. It may look like the essential oils are very dispersed while in reality, they are just sitting on the surface. As soon as you get in the bath they will cling to your skin and stay there. You will have direct contact with the essential oils through your skin which can be very irritating cause cold sensitization or allergic reactions. The effect will be amplified due to the hot bath water as your pores will be open.

How to put essential oils in the bathtub

It is very important to take essential oil safety seriously and learn to use them properly in a direct contact situation like a bath. The best way to use essential oils in the bath is by you mixing your essential oils first with an emulsifier. Let us look at what are emulsifiers and some of the readily available ones you can mix your essential oils with.

Milk as an essential oil emulsifier

Milk is one of the topmost emulsifying natural ingredients. It is a smooth, unseparated combination of fats, water, and minerals. Therefore, it is a good idea to use it as an essential oil emulsifier and then add the homogenous mixture to your bath.

Bath salts to diffuse essential oils

Bath salts are the prime ingredients to make your bath physically relaxing. Dead sea salt and Epsom salt are the most commonly used bath salts but there is a huge variety of other salts as well with different benefits. A good idea to safely use essential oils in the bath is to first add them to your bath salts. It is advised to add a little bit of baking soda to the mixture to help it mix better.

Bath oils as essential oil emulsifier

Bath oils are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy a therapeutic fresh-smelling bath. Adding essential oils first to your bath oils will increase the strength of your bath oil but reduce that of the essential oil. The result would be a much better bath oil that will not harm or irritate your skin.

Carrier oils to emuslsify essential oils

If you do not have a bath oil available on hand, basic carrier oil is also a good idea to use as an emulsifier for essential oils. Coconut and Jojoba oils are the go-to choices of most people as they are the most gentle and skin-friendly oils. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to your carrier oil and mix it thoroughly before adding it to your bath. However, the oils will tend to stick to your bathtub and you would have to take care when stepping out as they would leave a slippery effect.

DIY shower gel to emulsify essential oils

DIY bath and shower products are the best ways to add your personality and needs to your bath routine. They are natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Find instructions on how to make a shower gel for yourself at home. Adding your essential oils to your DIY shower gel and then adding the mixture to your bath will give you a relaxing bath experience.

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